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How Manufacturing Companies Can Better Engage Their Employees

You can get a paycheck anywhere...

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You can get a paycheck anywhere... sometimes all candidates want is the appreciation, acknowledgment, and opportunity. If you put work above the candidate’s happiness, they’ll put their happiness above your work. (Hint: That leads to turnover)

Understanding What Drives Employees

Engagement has been studied for years, just 22 percent of executives actually believe they have created an excellent and differentiated employee experience brand. So, if so many people are at a loss, what actually engages and retains employees? A recent study conducted by market research and strategy firm Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) sought to answer that question. Their findings reveal that there are five types of psychological benefits that, when nurtured at the organization level, drive employee engagement and retention:

  • Personal identity benefits
  • Social identity benefits
  • Cultural identity benefits
  • Functional benefits
  • Emotional benefits

In its study, CMB reported that personal, social and cultural identity benefits are especially effective at engaging employees. These three types of benefits foster workers’ sense of pride, self-esteem and belonging. Initiatives that were found to particularly impact these psychological benefits were recognition and incentive programs, company communications, and employee events.

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