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The Importance Of Choosing An Industry Specific Staffing Partner

Thousands of agencies, but do they understand you?

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There are thousands of staffing agencies across the nation, but do they REALLY get what you are looking for?

In our years of staffing experience within the Manufacturing, Engineering, & Skilled Trades sector there's always been one MAJOR reason why decision makers hesitate to use a staffing agency, "We've used in the past, and it just didn't work out". This reasoning has multiple explanations behind it:

  1. The staffing partner didn't put them first
  2. The staffing partner over promised and under delivered
  3. The staffing partner was sending candidates/resumes in abundance, hoping one would stick (quantity > quality)
  4. And if you add reasons 1 - 3 they all point to -> the staffing partner simply didn't understand your needs or industry
Blitz Staffing sticks within the Manufacturing, Engineering, & Skilled Trades industry because we know the lane we belong in. There are a lot of staffing firms out there who claim they can "Do it all!", which is short for "we know very little about a lot" and that is when you end up with reasons 1 - 4 above.
Our certified staffing professionals are focused, and engraved within our industry focus. Meaning, we dive in to the details to relate to candidates, and your needs. A machine operator, or manufacturing engineer aren't a one size fits all job description; we go into the details of "is it a mill, or lathe? Flexo? Allen Bradley? CNC or manual? AutoCAD? Solidworks?", and most importantly we understand what each one of those means, and does.
Our advice when picking your next staffing partner - 1) make sure they know your industry, 2) make sure they aren't a "we know a little about a lot" type of agency, & 3) If all they do is SELL SELL SELL and not listen to your frustrations, and only hear you but not LISTEN to you then don't hesitate to walk away. You have a job to do, and we are here to assist you/be an asset, NOT A FRUSTRATION.
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